Olav Ehala’s musical „Buratino“ will premiere on May 26th

On May 26th “Buratino”, a children’s musical by Olav Ehala will premiere in the Estonian National Opera. The stage director is Andres Dvinjaninov, the author of costumes and sets is a beloved Estonian fashion designer Triinu Pungits.

Estonian National Opera is very honoured that the composer has written a magnificent symphony orchestra arrangement for the theatre’s version of “Buratino”. The arrangement and Ehala’s charming melodies have breathed new life to the 43-year-old performance.

„A Streetcar named Desire“ additional performances take place on May 31st, June 10th and 16th

On 4th November premiered a new ballet „A Streetcar named Desire“ by a very exciting duet – American-English film director Nancy Meckler and one of the most appreciated choreographer in the world Annabelle Lopez Ochoa. The performance has been a tremendous success. In order to that we have put on sale three additional performances on May 31st, June 10th and 16th!

NB! On May 31st in the role of Blanche is Luana Georg, who is celebrating her 20th year on stage!

„A Streetcar named Desire“ is a masterpiece which connects drama and dance into one whole. It is a story of a woman who’s life goes by a tragic pathway and is too overwhelming for her delicate nature.

Director and librettist Nancy Meckler: “The main character’s Blanche’s inner life is full of fantasy and harsh memories, invisible in Tennessee Williams’s play, but in the ballet, visible and expressed through dance.”

The magical „Tannhäuser“ on stage for the last time this season

On 10th and 30th May, Wagner’s opera „Tannhäuser”, which has won the annual theatrical prize of Estonia, will be on the Estonian National Opera’s stage for the last time this season.

„Tannhäuser”, belongs to the composer’s more romantic stage in his creative career together with “Der fliegende Holländer” and “Lohengrin”. Telling the story of man’s struggle towards his dreams and the danger of losing touch with the reality, “Tannhäuser” unites the historical with the mythological, creating a world of magic realism common to Wagner’s operas.

In the title roll will be Jyrki Anttila, the role of Elisabeth and Venus will be sung by Heli Veskus, in the role of Wolfram will be Rauno Elp. The conductor is Vello Pähn or Arvo Volmer.

Desperate woman's revenge - the ballet "Medea" once again on stage

Italian choreographer Gianluca Schiavoni's ballet will be on the Estonian National Opera’s stage only three times this Spring.

The ballett created on Igor Stravinsky and Alfred Schnittke’s music, tells a modern story of a well-known Greek myth. Medea, a sensual and powerful princess of mythical Colchide, is a seductive sorceress, who abandons her country and her family for her love of a strong and beautiful man called Jason. As a contrast he is not only interested in Medea’s love. Once she realizes that Jason is betraying her, she decides to take revenge and the most terrible of all.

The main roles will be danced by Alena Shkatula and Andrea Fabbri or Luana Georg and Sergei Upkin. Performances on May 12th and 25th, and on June 2nd.

2018/19 season tickets are on sale now

The Estonian National Opera’s season starts on 14 August with the performances of Jerry Bock’s popular musical “Fiddler on the Roof”. The traditional Vana Tallinn Gala will bring the theatre’s soloists, choir, and orchestra as well as renowned guest soloists to the audiences in Tartu on 24 August and in Tallinn on 25 August. Giacomo Puccini’s opera “The Girl of the Golden West” will premiere on September 21 as the first new production. Puccini’s musical vision of the American West is vividly brought to life by one of the greatest operatic names of our time, José Cura – an Argentinean tenor, conductor, director, scenographer known for his intense and original interpretations of opera characters.

Get the best seats for perfomances and concerts now!

Ballet “Catherine I”

Starring Alena Shkatula as Catherine I and Anatoli Arhangelski as Peter I.
How often does His Highness Chance determine the fate of a person? The topic fascinated the creators of the new ballet and the audience is given the chance to witness the birth of a stunning miracle. The ballet takes the viewer to a real fairy-tale world and tells the wonderful love story of a simple maiden from Estonia and the charismatic Russian emperor, Peter I. Miracles do happen – you simply must believe in them.
The production has been brought to the stage by a very exciting ensemble – a sought-after Choreographer and Stage Director, Artistic Director of the Estonian National Ballet Toomas Edur, a beloved Estonian composer Tauno Aints, librettist Irina Müllerson and designer Liina Keevallik. The first collaboration of this phenomenal artistic group took place in 2012 when the full-length ballet “Modigliani – the Cursed Artist” premiered at the Estonian National Opera.
The world premiere of “Catherine I” was held on March 15 in the Estonian National Opera.

Photo: Pille Riin Pettai


Johann Strauss's famous operetta! 

/Viini veri/ 

The operetta WIENER BLUT is set around the 1815 Congress of Vienna, convening European monarchs to restore the old regimes to balance each other´s powers and remain at peace. My staging unfolds the scent of this time and the historical fact, that the numerous social occasions surrounding the main political event have been conquered by a new dance, the Viennese Waltz. This revolutionary social dance is the secret star of the Viennese operetta: ignoring the old moral conventions it’s connecting men and women closer as allowed before. In WIENER BLUT the waltz whirls all characters into sensuality: the formal rules are subversively turned into the full outpouring of desire and lust, leading up into a joyful frenzy.
Giorgio Madia, director

Premiere 24.03.2018, Vanemuine Grand Building.
In Estonian, with English and Finnish surtitles.

New Estonian opera „Estonian history. A nation born of shock“

New Estonian opera, „Estonian History. A Nation Born of Shock” will world premiere at the Estonian National Opera on 19 January. The opera is supported by the Estonian State and produced in cooperation with the Estonian National Opera and Kanuti Gildi SAAL.

The opera tells a story of a people and a land whose history has been affected by a great cosmic natural disaster, which caused them to inadvertently be the founders of the European culture since the early Iron Ages.

Tickets are available for the month of musicals and operettas

In August 2018, Estonian National Opera invites you to enjoy a high-quality musical and operetta experience, as the beloved musical "Fiddler on the Roof". The show is starring Mait Malmsten, Evelin Võigemast, Liina Vahtrik, Helgi Sallo, René Soom, Kadri Kipper etc.

In addition to “The Fiddler”, swift melodies of “Ball im Savoy” and “My Fair Lady” are delighting the audience. Children can take an adventure with the beloved “Pippi Longstocking” or “Buratino”.

The tickets for the month of musicals and operettas are on sale starting from 24 November in Piletimaailm and in the ticket offices of Estonian National Opera.


A musical! What other interesting things might a musical have to offer? Come to the show and find out. 

Musical of Stephen Sondheim

Sweeney Todd isn’t a cutesy story about meat pies: it’s a story of a screaming injustice and the revenge that follows. It may seem just and noble, but in the end, vengeance poisons the mind, and the people who are affected by it are buried under blood, insanity and a pile of bodies. But then the corpses disappear, and the appetizing aroma of baked goods comes wafting out of Mrs Lovett’s shop… 

At the Vanemuine Grand Building 02-17.06.2018.

In Estonian, with English and Finnish subtitles. 


Legendary musical of Boublil and Schönberg!


Les Misérables is seen by more than 70 million people in many countries and languages around the globe. 
Featuring the songs “I Dreamed A Dream”, “Bring Him Home”, “One Day More” and “On My Own” – Les Misérables is the show of shows!

At the Vanemuine Grand Building 25.11.2017-11.05.2018, 
at the Alexela Concert Hall in Tallinn 8.12.2017-6.05.2018. 

In Estonian with Finnish and English subtitles


This evening is our way of thanking the audience!

/Õhtu Kalmaniga/
Operetta night 

This time we will catch a glimpse of the works of one of the best-known operetta composers of the 20th century – Imre Kálmán.
The Hungarian composer conquered both the demanding Vienna and the finicky Paris, as his favourite themes – love for one’s homeland, Gypsy life and the manners of the Gypsies, the life and intrigues of Parisian high society and Oriental themes – manifested in his works in their own characteristic way and touched the souls of audiences..

At the Vanemuine Small Building 06-14.12.2017.


A mother. A daughter. Three possible fathers. 
Musical in two acts 

This musical based on hits by the legendary Swedish band ABBA has charmed audiences around the world since 1999. Jam-packed with the band’s peppy, well-crafted music, the production features the songs “Super Trouper”, “Lay All Your Love on Me”, “Dancing Queen”, “Knowing Me, Knowing You”, “Take a Chance on Me”, “Thank You for the Music”, “Money, Money, Money”, “The Winner Takes It All”, “Voulez-Vous” and more. 
In Estonian, with English and Finnish subtitles.  
At the Vanemuine Grand Building 30.09.2017-26.04.2018, 

at the Alexela Concert Hall in Tallinn 11-12.11.2017, 06-07.01.2018, 07-08.04.2018.


Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor – the Romeo and Juliet of the Scottish Lowlands!
An opera

Libretto by Salvadore Cammarano based on the novel The Bride of Lammermoor by Walter Scott

Donizetti’s opera is about the destiny of a woman. The intrigues of a world ruled by men do not allow her to assert herself. Lucia’s wishes are disregarded, her will is suppressed and her life’s happiness is sacrificed. When existential feelings cannot be expressed openly and honestly, they explode with the force of a nuclear bomb…
Roman Hovenbitzer

At the Vanemuine Small Building 18.01-09.02.2018.
In Italian, with Estonian and English subtitles.


If one truly wishes, then life can be like a fairytale – and fairytales are not as out-of-this-world as grown-ups think!

A ballet in two acts based on the fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen

This fairytale about the Snow Queen has had many interpretations. This time we see the difference between the poster world of grown-ups and children’s sincere emotions and their world full of faith in which true feelings conquer the cold reason.
Andersen’s fairytale is charming for its colourful nuances in describing different characters – he has snowflakes as big as chickens, ‘snow bees’ flying around, roses cropping up out of tears and angels being born from the air that Gerda breathes...

At the Vanemuine Grand Building 30.11.2017-25.02.2018.


This production comes out of a passion and love for dance!
Director-choreographer Russell Adamson

Music and rhythm that come from inside you!
Director-choreographer Matthew Jordan
At the Vanemuine Small Building 13.10.2017-14.04.2018.


Legendary musical of Boublil and Schönberg!


Les Misérables is seen by more than 70 million people in many countries and languages around the globe.
Featuring the songs “I Dreamed A Dream”, “Bring Him Home”, “One Day More” and “On My Own” – Les Misérables is the show of shows!

At the Vanemuine Grand Building 25.11.2017-11.05.2018, 
at the Alexela Concert Hall in Tallinn 8.12.2017-6.05.2018.

In Estonian with Finnish and English surtitles


Who else but the affectionate dog Lotte would go and seek new adventures – this time in the Dream World!

/Lotte Unenäomaailmas/
Children’s musical

Adalbert the rabbit dozes and cannot get back from the dream world. Something must have happened there, as the local inhabitants behave mysteriously and unpredictably. The Sandman himself has gone off to Lapland and left his children Peedu and Liisu and the snow sand mills in the care of Berta the Hen, who is always fussing… Lotte and Albert go to find out what has happened – and of course Adalbert will find his way back home with them.

At the Vanemuine Grand Building 04.10.2017-27.02.2018.
In Estonian.

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